Should I Buy a Sony Vaio W Series Netbook? Sony VPCW211AX Review

by Tammy

Should I Buy a Sony Vaio W Series Netbook? Sony VPCW211AX Review

(Update: The below review is an older model Sony Vaio netbook. Shop here for a newer version netbook or laptop in the Sony Vaio series.)

Pros: Nice Sleek Look, Great Battery Life, Crisp Images, Compact, Portable
Cons: Small Right Shift Key, Poor Sound/Volume

You can’t get much more portable than an easy-to-grab netbook or mini notebook. The Sony VAIO W Series VPCW211AX sports a 10.1 inch screen, an almost full size keyboard (although the right shift key could stand to be larger), and a typical synaptics touchpad that doesn’t seem to get in the way when typing, as some are prone to do.

The netbook comes in your choice of colors – white, pink, or dark blue – and keeps with the sleek modern look for which Sony is becoming known. Being a mini notebook, it doesn’t include a CD or DVD drive, but it does have two USB ports, as well as a slot for both a memory card and a memory stick. System includes Windows 7 Starter and is easily upgradable within 10-15 minutes.

The VPCW211AX is great for e-mail and surfing the Internet (via WiFi or Ethernet cable), but if you’re looking for a graphics horse, such as for major gaming as some prefer, you might consider sticking with your main computer. You can watch videos well enough with the Mobil Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3150, but the quality and speed doesn’t really match some of Sony’s larger desktop and laptop computers.

Hard drive is 250GB and includes 1GB of RAM, an Intel Atom Processor N450, and up to 8 hours of battery life (6-7 hours when you upgrade).

Overall, the Sony W Series is very nice for most basic functions. As a standard netbook, it is among the best of the best. Also consider Asus Eee PC Touch T91MT or any of the Asus Eee PC Seashell series.