How to Open eBooks from Dropbox on Kindle Fire

by Tammy

How to Open eBooks from Dropbox on Kindle Fire

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After you’ve learned how to install Dropbox on Kindle Fire, the next question for avid readers is, “How do you open ebooks from the Dropbox app?”

Kindle Fire can read all Kindle-ready documents (files with .azw, .prc, .mobi, .pdf, or .txt extensions). Yet in the Dropbox app, when you tap on the title of a book that you know should be compatible, such as a mobi ebook, the original Kindle Fire says it can’t be opened, then adds, “Please download an app that can open this file.” On the later Fire versions, when you tap the title, it will open it for you to read, but it won’t download the book to stay on the device.

Some suggest sending the file to your Kindle Fire email address. Others recommend marking it as a Favorite for it to be downloaded and available offline. Both of these ideas will work, but you can also export the books from Dropbox straight to your Kindle Fire.

Export Books from Dropbox to Kindle Fire

When you are wanting to export books from Dropbox to Kindle Fire, you will be tempted to tap the title of the book to open it. This is what causes either the box to pop up saying the file can’t be opened, or being able to read the book without downloading it.

Rather than tapping the book’s title, look to the right of the file and tap the arrow with a circle around it instead. You will then be given the choices: Share, Favorite, Delete, Rename, Move, and Export. You can share the file by sending it to someone (or to your Kindle Fire email address, mentioned above), you can mark it as a favorite, or you can delete, rename, or export it.

Click Export.

On the next screen, tap Save to SD card. When the folder list appears, tap Books (or “Up to Internal Storage” if you are in another folder, then tap Books), then click the green Export button in the lower right area of the screen.

Where to Find Exported Books on Kindle Fire

  • On the original Kindle Fire: Once you have followed the above steps for each book you want to export from Dropbox to Kindle Fire, it is easy to find them. Turn the power all the way off on your Kindle Fire (hold the power button down until you are asked if you want to shut it down). When the screen turns off completely, press the power button again to turn it back on. The books you downloaded will be in either the Docs folder or the Books folder. If they aren’t located in one, check the other, although they are usually found in the Docs folder. When checking the Books folder, switch the button at the top from Cloud to Device to make it easier to sort through if you have a lot of books on Amazon.
  • On Kindle Fire HD and up: Return to your Home screen and the book should be listed in the recent apps menu. You can also find it by tapping on Books (if not there, browse to the right and tap Docs) in the top menu. Tap the Device button at top of the screen, then open your book from there.

If all has gone smoothly, your books should now be ready for reading.

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