How to Install Programs from CD on Your Netbook

by Tammy

How to Install Programs from CD on Your Netbook

Netbooks are great, but what if you need a CD drive?
Image: thelibrarygeek

Netbooks, also known as mini notebooks, are great when you’re wanting a computer to grab and go. They are very portable, even more so than a laptop, and they can do most things that a normal computer can.

One of the things they can’t do, however, is install programs from CD, because they don’t have a CD or DVD drive. For software downloaded from the Internet, this would be fine, but not for programs purchased on CD.

The instructions below were written from a Windows PC; for Mac users, change commands to those used for your own computer.

Solution 1: External CD/DVD Drive

The easiest way to install software on a netbook from CD is to attach an external CD or DVD drive. For an external CD or DVD drive, after you have plugged it into your netbook, allow time for it to download the needed drivers, then install as you normally would.

Solution 2: Jump Drive or Pen Drive

Another option to install programs from CD would be to purchase a cheap jump drive (also called a pen or flash drive) and copy the files to this instead. You can buy a cheap 2 GB jump drive at Wal-mart or most electronics stores. This step will be a little more complicated than the first one, but it can still be done easily.

Get the CD-ROM you’re wanting to install, then put the CD into your main computer. If the it starts to install automatically, click Quit or Cancel. Go to My Computer, right-click on the CD/DVD drive (usually drive D:) and select to “Open” the CD. When the CD is open, click Edit at the top of your screen and choose Select All (in Windows 7, click Organize and Select All). Then click Edit again, but this time choose Copy.

Next, plug the jump drive into an available USB port on the same computer. Once you’ve opened the drive (it should be empty), click Edit and Paste. When pasting has finished, remove jump drive from the larger computer or laptop, then plug it into your netbook. If it doesn’t open automatically, open it manually and double-click on the .exe file, either Setup or Autoplay. Install as usual from there.

Note: Program files can be deleted from your jump drive after they have been installed on your netbook.

Solution 3: Memory Card / Memory Stick

Similar to Solution 2, you can try a memory card or memory stick in the place of a jump drive. Most netbooks come with a memory card slot, so if you have one on your main computer (an external card reader will work as well), you can use that instead. Follow the exact instructions for Solution 2, but replace jump drive with memory card.

It might not be the easiest way to solve the problem, but when you’re wanting to use a program on your netbook that you’ve already bought, it’s worth the added effort to be able to install your favorite software.