How to Copy and Paste Words in Windows

by Tammy

How to Copy and Paste Words in Windows

When you learn to copy and paste, you will use it over and over.

In Windows, there are many tricks that can be used for a faster and easier computer experience. One of those tricks is the option to copy and paste text from one file or document to another. It is very simple to do, and once you learn it the first time, you’ll never forget it. Copy and Paste will become second nature to you in no time at all.

Copying Text

You can copy text from any document or web page on your computer. Suppose you’re reading an email and there is something written in the email, like a quote or something you want to remember, that you’d like to keep. Place your cursor at the beginning of the sentence or word you’re wanting to copy, then click and hold down the left button on your mouse. While the button is still pressed, drag your mouse to the end of the words you are copying, then release the button on your mouse. (To select all of the words on a page, right-click and choose to Select All, or click Edit and Select All.)

The text you are wanting to copy should be highlighted now. Right-click on the highlighted words and choose Copy. You can also copy by clicking your keyboard’s Ctrl button and the letter C at the same time, or click Edit in your program’s top menu bar, then select Copy.

Pasting Text

Once you’ve copied the text, your computer will remember it until something else is copied or until you restart your computer. You can close the program from which you copied the words (or you can leave it open, it doesn’t matter), then open a program like WordPad or Notepad, or your preferred word processing software.

To paste the words you’ve copied, either click Edit and Paste in your top menu bar, press your keyboard’s Ctrl button and the letter V together, or you can right-click on an empty space within the document and select paste. If you’d like to paste the same words somewhere else, you don’t have to re-copy. Simply follow the instructions to paste again.

Save the new file as you would normally.

Cut and Paste?

When you follow the instructions above, you will see an option called Cut. Cut and Paste is used in the same way; however, instead of copying, it actually moves (cuts) the words or files from one place, then they can be pasted into another location.

There are some who prefer to not use the cut option for the reason that if something were to happen to your computer while in the midst of cutting, you could possibly lose that information altogether.

This isn’t likely to happen in most cases, as Windows will typically leave the words or files where they are when they haven’t been pasted somewhere else, but if you’d rather venture on the side of caution, you can always copy as usual, then go back and easily remove the text or file when you’re done.