How to Clear Style Sheet Cache (for Webmasters)

by Tammy

I’m sure there are other tricks for clearing your website visitors’ browser cache, but rather than risking anyone seeing an old version of your stylesheet, follow these simple steps for a quick fix.

Step 1

Open your website via your preference of HTML editor. Notepad is a good choice for Windows users. TextEdit for Mac.

Step 2

Instead of renaming your style sheet, which is also an option, leave the name as is, then add a question mark and random numbers (such as the date you made changes), so that it will look similar to this:

<link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=”″ />

Browsers will now read the style sheet as a new file, so they will download it accordingly.

Tip: You can use your choice of numbers, as short or long as you like.

Step 3

Upload and revisit your website to view the changes. If you’ve ever updated your style sheet, only to not see the changes without having to refresh/reload your browser, you will use this trick often. It works.