How to Change or Edit Credit Card on iPad

by Tammy

How to Change or Edit Credit Card on iPad

One of the great features of Apple’s iOS 5+ on iPad is that you no longer need to connect to a computer for updates or backups. Now you can use iCloud to backup your iPad, and updates can be downloaded and installed straight to your device.

The same is true for your payment information. There will come a time when you will either need to edit your credit card number or add a new card altogether. Rather than having to open iTunes on your computer to do this, you can simply change your payment info in the settings section of your iPad.

Change Credit Card on iPad

To edit or change your credit card on iPad:

  • Go to your iPad’s Settings, then click Store (now iTunes & App Store) in the lefthand column.
  • Tap “Apple ID:” at the bottom (top in iOS 7+) of the right screen.
  • In the box that pops up, tap View Apple ID, then enter your password and tap Payment Information.
  • Edit or change your credit card information in this area, then tap Done.

It’s easy to do. Just maybe not so easy to find.