How to Take a Screenshot of Your Desktop

by Tammy

How to Capture a Screenshot of Your Desktop

It’s easy to take a picture of your computer screen.

Have you ever wondered how to capture an image of your computer screen? Maybe you have seen others do it on websites you’ve visited, but you still can’t seem to figure it out.

Well, wonder no more. It is very easy to take a screenshot of your desktop or any active window on your computer screen.

Choose from the options below, and snap away. It’s a handy trick for anyone, especially for web designers wanting to post a picture of their website or for people wanting to capture tutorial images to help others.

Use Print Screen Button

Usually located in the top right area of your keyboard, there is a button called Print Screen (Prt Sc). If you press this button, it makes a copy of everything as you see it on your screen. Try it now. Click the Prt Sc button, then open your favorite photo editing program. There are many photo programs (PhotoStudio, Paint Shop Pro Photo, etc.), so choose whichever one you prefer. Once it is opened, click to start a new image (File, New) and then click Paste (Edit, Paste). You should now see an image of your computer screen.

Using these same methods, you can also make a copy of only the active window on your screen by holding down your keyboard’s ALT button and click the print screen button at the same time. Paste the image as you did above, then crop it to your liking. Save as a .gif or .jpg file.

For a shortcut, you can also save screenshots to Dropbox if you have the lastest version installed.

Firefox Add-On

For Firefox users, there is an add-on called Webpage Screenshot that will create an image of everything you see on your Firefox screen – as well as everything you can’t see. Rather than taking a simple still shot of a website, for instance, you can capture the entire page by either right-clicking on the page and making your selection in the menu that pops up, or you can use the buttons in the bottom right corner of your browser (which will appear after the add-on has been installed).

Click the button to “Add to Firefox” at the below address, then follow instructions.

If the page has been moved at a later date, browse the add-ons for Webpage Screenshot in Firefox at Unlike the Print Screen option, you can save the image directly from your Firefox browser. This is very convenient for webmasters.

Other Software

You can do a search online for more screen capture programs, but one in particular that you might find helpful is the FastStone Capture. Open the program to take a screen photo or to record a video of whatever is happening on your screen. For those who do video tutorials, this is the perfect program to use for giving step-by-step instructions. Snagit at is another great one, but it will cost you around $50.

If you do a lot of screen capturing, buying a program might be worth it, but for most people, the free options are good enough.