How Do I Add Other Books to My Amazon Kindle?

by Tammy

How Do I Add Other Books to My Amazon Kindle?

Image: Kodomut

Did you know your Amazon Kindle can open books from other online stores and websites? As long as the ebook is in one of Kindle’s supported formats (.azw .prc .mobi .pdf and .txt), it is easy to transfer books from your computer or from a disc to your favorite ereader.

** Update **

The easiest way to transfer books to your Kindle is to email the books as an attachment to your address. (You can find the address in your Amazon account, then click the device’s name.)

Make sure you have the Kindle’s wireless turned on, then after you send the email, simply open your Kindle to read your new book.

Keep reading below to learn how to add the books manually.

Suppose you bought a CD of books that are listed as Kindle-ready. Put the CD in your computer drive and open the disc to view the files. For Windows users, right-click and “Select All” of the book titles (Windows 7, click Organize in top left corner and Select All), then right-click on the highlighted books and click Copy. For Mac users, click your Command key with the letter A to select all of the files, then copy the books by pressing the Command key with the letter C.

Once you have copied the books, plug your Kindle USB cable into your computer. Your Kindle should be turned on. Open the Kindle folder on your computer called “documents,” then paste the books you copied into this folder. (Windows, right-click in white area and paste. Mac, press Command key and the letter V.)

When you are done, unplug the USB cable and look on your Kindle for the new books. If you don’t see them immediately, give them a minute to show up. Wireless doesn’t have to be on for this.

For books you downloaded that are on your computer and not on disc, simply open the folder where the files are located (such as ebooks saved in your Dropbox folder) and follow the same instructions above to copy the books and then paste them into your Kindle’s documents folder.

It might seem a little complicated at first, but after a couple tries, you will be a pro in no time. Enjoy your new books.

Hint: You can convert incompatible ebooks for Kindle from other popular formats with Calibre. Or you can email the incompatible book to your address; it will be converted and sent to your Kindle automatically for $0.10 per book.