Cheap iPads for Sale: How to Find Good Deals on iPad

by Tammy

You might not believe it, but there really are cheap iPads for sale. Many people settle for lower priced off-brand tablets because they figure the real deal costs too much. However, if you are willing to spend around $300, give or take depending on which one you are wanting, there are ways to buy the popular Apple device for a much lower price than retail.

Why Should You Buy an iPad?

There are a lot of tablet computers for sale in today’s market. Some are good, some are not so good. iPad was the first to be released. Because it is the original, it has been around the longest. And because it has been around the longest, it has the most apps.

If you’re not familiar with the term, apps are like software programs on your computer. The more apps that are available for your device, the more you can do with it. Rather than being a features contest between tablets, it’s really an app contest. And iPad wins. The Android Market is a close second, but Apple still has the largest App Store.

It’s hard to compare individual features of one tablet with all others out there. Kindle Fire, for instance, is a great alternative for those who want something a little cheaper. It looks good, the images are nice and clear, but it is limited to Amazon’s list of available apps.

I have tried all of the iPad releases so far, and when I see other tablets, none comes close to its clarity and ease of use.

So, why should you buy Apple’s iPad? Because it’s the best.

Which iPad Should You Buy?

Cheap iPads for Sale: How to Find Good Deals on iPad

Before you buy an iPad, you need to know which one is the best for you. The newest iPad is always going to be the most expensive, but what about the one that was released last year? Or the year before that?

  • The differences between the first and second iPads are minor. Basically, iPad 1 doesn’t have a camera, but iPad 2 does. The camera on iPad 2 is grainy with low pixels, so it isn’t much of a selling point. There is a slight size difference between the two iPads. iPad 1 is a little thicker, while iPad 2 is thinner with smoother/rounder edges.
  • iPad 3 and iPad 4 look like iPad 2 on the outside, but the inside details are sharper and more refined with the Retina display. The battery on iPad 3 doesn’t last as long as the first two, and it gets hot during usage and takes longer to charge. The release of iPad 4 fixed some of these issues in iPad 3.
  • With iPad 4 and iPad 5, also known as iPad Air, charging time became much faster with the new lightning cable connector. iPad Air, however, has a smaller bevel around the screen and is thinner.

Once you’ve decided on which release you would prefer, you will need to ask yourself what size storage you want. The choices are 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB for the first three releases. The 4th Generation and ipad Air also offer 128GB. 16GB would probably be enough for basic usage, but 32GB would be the better option. Most people won’t use anywhere near 64 or 128GB, so it probably isn’t worth the higher price.

The next point to consider is Wi-Fi only vs. Wi-Fi with 3G/4G. Anything with 3G or 4G requires a data plan with either AT&T, Sprint or Verizon, so whatever you pay for your iPad, you will also have to pay a monthly data price for the 3G/4G part to work. Both versions have Wi-Fi and will work with any wireless Internet connection, at home or at a free Wi-Fi hotspot.

Where Are The Cheap iPads??

Now that you know which one you want to buy, where are the cheap iPads? They are everywhere. Everywhere that sells “Like New” iPads. I know 6-7 people who have purchased used iPads that really were like new, and none of them paid over $305.

How did they find them? They shopped in the used product sections of Amazon.

When an iPad is sold in Like New condition, it is usually because a person has either decided they don’t need the iPad themselves or they are wanting to upgrade to the next version. Whatever the reason, the one who buys the “old” iPad is going to get a steal of a deal.

  • Using some of the tips above, decide which iPad you would prefer.
  • Go to Amazon and search for your choice.
  • Follow the image or title link, then once you are on the product page, click on any of the links labeled as Used.
  • Browse down the Used page for the cheapest price that is listed as “Used – Like New” or even “Used – Very Good.”

These are constantly being updated, with more sold and added everyday, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t find a price you like the first time. Check back again tomorrow and it could be different. Try other versions as well. You never know, one of the later releases could have a better deal than one of the earlier versions.

Tip: It might sound obvious, but never buy a used iPad for more than the new price. And always read the seller’s full description in the Seller Information column (to the right of Condition on the Used page). You want to make sure your Like New iPad really is like new, or at least in a condition you’re okay with. Also read the seller’s feedback.

Hope you find the iPad you’ve been wanting … for a lot less.

Can’t Decide Which iPad to Buy?

Look at the iPad 2 16GB, Wi-Fi Only for one of the cheapest used deals. The only thing it really lacks is the Retina display, available on iPad 3 and above (as well as iPad Mini 2 and up).

iPad 2 is still being manufactured by Apple, and it can still be updated to the latest iOS releases. Expect some limitations as newer versions are released, but at the moment, in 2014, there isn’t much it can’t do.